Technology Adoption


A pioneer in the area of integrating marketing information systems, Dr. Manaka has de­signed, imple­mented and operated Marketing Communi­cation Systems for many clients. His areas of expertise include Automated Inbound and Outbound Tele­marketing, Voice Processing and Re­sponse, Auto­mated Fulfillment, Interactive Video, Sales Presenta­tion and P.O.P. systems, as well as totally Integrated Marketing Solutions.

New Product Development

Dr. Manaka’s medical and scientific background includes positions in New Product Development and Research for a major pharmaceutical company as well as research and professional positions within the academic and hospital environments.

Regulatory Affairs


Dr. Manaka's duties have included regulatory affairs and licensing with the Food and Drug Administration, the Atomic Energy Commission/Department of Energy and various state regulatory agencies. He has also served as a consultant for various domestic and international concerns, including the International Atomic Energy Agency.